The Unifying Theory of Earth’s Climate

This article ties in my previous work to recent climate developments. In doing so I provide a new conceptual overview of Earth’s climate mechanism which appears to fit all observed changes in atmospheric temperature trends and, in view of the failure of existing climate models, I suggests a path forward for further research.

“The latest diversion is to announce that recent cooler years are still in the top ten or top twenty warmest. Of course they will be until any new trend becomes longer established because all the warmest years will cluster around a peak both on the way up and on the way down. The same phenomenon would be observed at the bottom of a cooling trough. How much longer do we have to wait to be given an honest admission that all is not well with the understanding of climate and an acknowledgement that by now there is legitimacy in calls for caution in the light of the potentially disastrous consequences of the ‘solutions’ that they have been proposing?”

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Published by Stephen Wilde January 8, 2009

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