Solely due to the severe politicisation of climate science I feel the need to set out my political perspective.

That perspective is to favour as much personal freedom and independence as possible within an administrative structure that deals primarily with defence against external threats, the assisting of the unfortunate, maintenance of a basic infrastructure and the supervision of a light handed rule of law.

If human emissions do indeed turn out to have a dangerous effect on climate stability then I would accept the need for mitigating steps requiring a more authoritarian political regime than would otherwise be necessary.

However, after 60 years of study, observation and thought I see nothing unprecedented in current climate conditions and have seen no evidence that human emissions have anything to do with the minor climate variations that do appear to have been occurring.

I have received no funding from any source and have no political agenda.

This site is simply a personal search for the truth about a part of the natural world that has absorbed me for the whole of my life to date and which does not seem to be adequately described by current climate science.