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The various links are important in that they show a clear relationship between global cloud cover and subsequent trends in global temperatures.


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Just as I’ve been saying since 2007/8 I first noticed the jet streams  turning more meridional again around 2000.

The sun shifts the jet streams and climate zones.

The jets change the cloud amounts.

The clouds affect ocean heat content.

The oceans regulate the air temperatures.

New papers are coming out almost daily that support that hypothesis.

Exactly as proposed in my New Climate Model.

So far the increase in clouds has only been enough to stabilise global air temperatures. Note that cloud amounts were higher than at present in the early 80s following the effects of less active solar cycle 20.

If the sun stays quiet, cloud amounts should increase further then, after a while due to oceanic lag, global air temperatures should begin to fall.



Published by Stephen Wilde February 15, 2014

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