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Here I sit on March 8th 2010, looking out of my window with a bright sun, frost on the grass in the shade all day, no daffodils anywhere near flowering and the snowdrops (normally flowering by late January) the only sign of recovery from a four month cessation of all biosphere activity in my garden in a relatively mild, coastal, rain shadow affected, south facing portion of the UK.

Not quite what were led to expect from all those politically motivated, wild extrapolations from the run of increasingly early springs and nice warm summers and inoffensive winters which we in the UK did undoubtedly observe from the late 1970’s to around 2000.

What happened to all that potentially catastrophic warming that was supposed to be a consequence of my (and your) energy profligacy in enjoying the ability to move around freely and quickly, heat our homes adequately in cold weather, entertain and educate ourselves with the TV, reduce death and disease worldwide to an incredible extent, gain instant access to huge reserves of information about anything and everything and communicate with each to an extent previously unheard of in history via computer and internet?

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Published by Stephen Wilde March 8, 2012

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