Antarctic Ice 2013 Reaches Record High Level



Combining this with the 2013 Arctic sea ice recovery means that global sea ice has increased significantly in recent years  despite the fears of some that human caused climate change would be most evident towards the poles with a continuing reduction in global sea ice.

I propose that the cause of this development is the less active sun altering global cloudiness in accordance with my New Climate Model so that less solar energy is entering the oceans.

That reduced input of energy is slowly skewing the ENSO phenomenon in the Pacific Ocean away from the strong, warming El Nino events of the late 20th century which caused the apparent climate warming thereby giving rise to the panic about human emissions.

There has been no significant El Nino event since 2003, as can be seen here:

and I contend that the large Arctic ice melt of 2012 was caused by the warm water from that event reaching the Arctic Ocean.

Assuming it takes about 10 years for El Nino warmth to reach the Arctic I expect an irregular recovery of Arctic sea ice for the next 10 years at least.

Published by Stephen Wilde October 17, 2013

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