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Neutralising Radiative Imbalances Within Convecting Atmospheres

This article sets out a simple mechanism whereby planetary atmospheres can be rendered thermally stable over time despite huge variations in the atmospheric content of radiatively active molecules such as so called greenhouse gases, material released by volcanic outbreaks of a vast size and material vaporised in large asteroid or meteor strikes.

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Is the Sun driving ozone and changing the climate?

The central mystery in climate science is the Sun. The direct energy from the 1.4 million-kilometer-wide flaming ball stays remarkably constant. The radiation pours down on us but the relentless sameness of the watts can’t be causing of the swings in temperature on Earth. Something else is going on with the Sun.

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Correcting the Kiehl Trenberth Energy Budget

  Here we see the classic energy budget analysis supporting the hypothesis that the surface of the Earth is warmer…

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The Gas Constant As The Global Thermostat

    Abstract. The radiative theory of atmospheric gases holds that the temperature of Earth’s surface is higher than it…

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Ignoring of Adiabatic Processes-1

Why The Radiative Capabilities Of Gases Do Not Contribute To The Greenhouse Effect.

Abstract. This essay is an attempt to link real world observations (the failure of surface temperatures to rise in tandem…

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Sunspot cycle

The Importance of Solar Cycles

This article was originally published on the Solar Cycle 25 website on June 28th 2009 and in view of the…

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Greenhouse Gases and the Ideal Gas Law

This is the usual form of the Ideal Gas Law: where P is the pressure of the gas, V is the volume…

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More Visual Proof Of Global Cooling Since 2007 by Stephen Wilde: Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society

Warming ? – What Warming ? Last year I produced an article entitled “ Visual Proof Of Global Cooling since 2007”.…

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Ignoring of Adiabatic Processes-1

The Ignoring Of Adiabatic Processes – Big Mistake

Abstract: An attempt is made to reconcile the diabatic and adiabatic processes within a planetary atmosphere and in doing so…

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The Thermal Regulation Of Planetary Atmospheres

1) This is the third in a series of short articles which purport to simplify and explain the basic workings…

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Greenhouse Confusion Revised by Stephen Wilde

Foreword: This latest revision of my 2008 article has been inspired by the recent paper from Nikolov and Zeller discussed…

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